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Qualitative and Quantitative Abstract Quantitative and qualitative research designs have many different points that lead them down different paths to achieve results. In this paper an argument will be presented to show a few of the differences among these designs. First the goal of investigation for both qualitative and quantitative research will be explained to give understanding of what the researcher hopes to find out. Then the data collection will be analyzed and compared to show the difference in results. Finally the focus the research of both designs will explain why they are effective and their downfalls in certain situations. Introduction Qualitative and qualitative research designs are…show more content…
51). It is considered dependable after multiple researchers have completed the exact experiment and has come to the same conclusion. The report has credibility when “the accuracy of the identification and description of the subject of the study” (Davis & Smith, 2010, pp. 51). Transferable research is when the results of one experiment can be used in “other settings and groups” (Davis & Smith, 2010, pp.52). Once all of these steps are completed a qualitative research project is complete and respectable among other researchers. The aim of quantitative design is to classify features, count them, and construct statistical models in an attempt to explain what is observed. During the experiment, what is measured is “the characteristics of the subjects and the independent and dependent variables defining the research question” (Hopkins, W. G, 2008, pp.7). Characteristics can be classified as race, sex, age, and etc. “depending on the focus of the study” (Hopkins, W. G, 2008, pp7). Once the data is collected a cause and effect relationship is determined between variables to establish an explanation. Data Collection Next the differences between data collection will be discussed for qualitative and quantitative research. The difference is that “qualitative data involves words and quantitative data involves numbers” (Barnes, J. et. Al., 2010,
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