Qualities And Responsibilities Of An Outstanding Teacher

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Outstanding teachers have a variety of extensive skills in essential areas of education. They exhibit professionalism, flexibility, content mastery, availability, concern, and respect in order to ensure effectiveness in teaching. These qualities are essential to student achievement and outstanding teachers constantly work to develop and improve these skills throughout their career.

Professionalism pivots on consistency, punctuality, preparation, and cooperation. I am dedicated to demonstrating professionalism in all my collaborations. My students count on my behavior and my classroom management methods to be consistent and fair. My professional conduct provides a safe and reliable environment for students, which encourages positive relationships and learning. A teacher with flexibility is able to adapt their methods to best serve students with different learning styles. Flexibility also means recognizing
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While teachers cannot be expected to know every minute detail about their subject area, it stands to reason that they must have a strong foundation in the content and a desire to learn more about it. Students are not always able to deliver their academic needs in the classroom. Teachers must make themselves available to their students through additional office hours or alternate forms of communication (such as email) so students will feel comfortable bringing up concerns or questions. When teaching Classes, I frequently held office hours to speak to students about their concerns or to provide them additional time to re-take tests. Ultimately, students respond best to teachers who demonstrate a genuine concern for them, academically and personally. Students are willing to work harder when they believe what they do is important, not only to them, but to others. My students are quick to point out that they know I care about their achievement and will do what I can to help them
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