Qualities Needed By Effective Leaders

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"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things." Ronald Reagan, who was one of the greatest leaders to ever lead our country said this quote. (inc.com) Over the last century, many businesses have found a gap in the market which they exploited in leading them towards becoming very successful. Some businesses have also started up but have not been able to be successful. The key to success in any business is having an effective leader. Leadership does not just happen at the higher levels of management, leadership spans throughout the business from the board of directors, the CEO, and all the way down to supervisors and crew workers. To be a successful…show more content…
(Study) Leadership is mainly defined as being able to lead a group of people. Sure that’s not incorrect but it is not exactly correct. You can find leaders almost anywhere you look. Leadership within the company is the ability of a company 's management to make the best possible decisions and motivate the people around them to always want to be better and provide the best they can. Effective leaders don’t mind challenging themselves when setting goals and try to do everything in their power to achieve those goals. Leadership involves thinking and acting fast even in difficult situations, to be the best in their specific type of business, to be ready for failure due to the fact that they know they might not succeed all the time but will gain information on what they need to do to be better. Excellent communication skills, not being afraid to take chances, the ability to manage others and knowing when change is necessary also describe good leaders. (Investopedia) Leadership is great to have and there are many benefits when tying it together with management. Leadership does not just need to come from the boss. All members of the organization need to act as leaders in order for the company to be successful. Employees at the lower levels of the company can act as leaders as well. They may not be able to tell other employees what to do but that is not really being a leader anyway. As long as they are working hard and
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