Qualities Of A Global Society

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Leaders are found all across the globe and can be said that leaders share some of the same characteristics. If the reader was to close their eyes and imagine a leader, then what kind of characteristics do you believe that he or she would hold deep within their hearts. The important qualities in leading in a global society I believe are the ability to be viewed as unique, encouraging, competitive, humble, and trustworthy. Often time’s challenges can occur and if a leader does have these qualities implications can occur that can affect the world on a global scale. These qualities are essential in life and I plan to apply them to my character to make advancements in my career by mastering each one these traits separately. Good Leadership is something the world values and encourages all over the world. I believe the world is searching for new people who are willing to be culturally diverse leaders.
Leadership is a tricky subject that is actually hard to define in one single definition. According to Alex J. Ramthun Leadership is a “dynamic, interactive influence process among individuals in groups where members lead one another to achieve organizational objectives.”(Ramthun, 2012) However, when one dissects leadership it is noticed that there are many dimensions to it. True leadership is the ability to be diverse and culturally competent on a global scale while leading. A Culturally diverse leader appreciates the differences of other. Culturally diverse leaders are comfortable
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