Qualities Of A Leader And A Provider

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Over the course of the semester, I had the pleasure of meeting inspiring people who do good for our community. Through the class lectures and events, I was reassured of the goodness that provides opportunities and hope for everyone around us. Each person I came in contact with showed exceptional leadership skills, and I know that the lessons I learned, as well as the new perspectives I gained, will guide me through life now, and later on. These individuals unified the characteristics of both a leader and a provider, which combine to establish the foundation of the class, which was servant leadership. The most efficient leaders are willing to take their passions and turn it into actions that benefit society. Additionally, they are eager to…show more content…
We ended up staying longer than anticipated, because everyone was in awe of what Child Protect does for the community. Mrs. Bailey is not afraid to fight for justice, and will do whatever she can to bring peace and joy to those who were robbed of it.
Another inspiring person we encountered was at the Business Breakfast event with Mr. John O 'Leary. His personal story of perseverance and faith captured the attention of every individual in the room. I thoroughly enjoyed his connection to the audience. It takes talent and true passion to successfully inspire a large group of people. Mr. O 'Leary 's humorous personality and strong engagement with the crowd opened my eyes to another level of public speaking. I have heard many people talk in various scenarios, but never before had someone gained my attention so forcefully as Mr. O 'Leary did. His positive vibes filled my heart, and I left that day with an enlightened spirit. Even when I observed the other people in the room and talked with my fellow classmates who also attended, we all seemed to be so interested and impressed by Mr. O 'Leary 's story. The joy he has for life is the most genuine enthusiasm anyone can ever obtain. His leadership begins with his thankful heart and determination to bring his message to those around him. This is vital when it comes to the growth of knowledge, because time and time again professors and other staff lose the excitement they had when they first began their professions. As shown in
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