Qualities Of A Role Model : Taral : A Role Model

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Barry Bonds once said, “Everyone in society should be a role model, not only for their own self-respect, but for respect for others.” To look up to someone and to call them a role model, means that this one person has positively influenced many people's lives and has set a good example for others to pursue in their footsteps. A role model is someone who has always been there, thinks on helping the world before themselves, always has people's backs in life no matter what, and someone who others can look up to for advice in a tough situation and know that they will deliver the words of wisdom. They will never judge our actions in the past, instead only look to help because they really care. Many people choose to be like Lebron James because he’s good at playing basketball, and some people want to be like Taylor Swift because she is good at singing, but there are many other qualities that make up a role model. A role model is not filled with selfishness and greed but is instead full of confidence, leadership, respect, and has humility and willingness to admit mistakes. A perfect role model many people look up to is Taral. When she was little, she wanted to follow her mom’s footsteps and she now has someone following hers.
To start with, Taral is very affable, caring, and warmhearted. When she is out with a group of friends, she includes everyone. She never leaves anyone out or tells them they can’t hang out with them. She is friends with everyone and everyone is friends with

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