Qualities Of Forge Great Leaders

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This paper will aim to analyze the various qualities that forge great leaders according to the book Good to Great: Why some companies make the leap …and others don’t. It will look deeper into the different qualities of an individual that help achieve goals and targets they have set for the organization. This book talks about the type of leaders who have brought drastic changes in their particular organizations in period of time. We will be looking at the qualities of leaders this book explains, and how they can affect church at large and their leaders, strengths and weaknesses of the books; we will then examine how it affected me personally. Good to great: Why some companies make the leap…and others don’t is #1 best seller book, around…show more content…
Jim Collins, in his research, found that out of eleven companies he researched, ten good to great CEO’s came from inside the company. The Level 5 leaders are humble as they usually don’t take all credit to themselves, they never forget to appreciate their team members and they give attribute much of their success to good luck, rather than personal greatness. Jim Collins talks about five things which is an overview and frame work of concept which needs to be done in organization in order to bring growth. He calls this framework as flywheel, which captures the entire process of going good to great. It is divided in to 5 steps which will help us to understand the process which author talks about . First who…Then What: The good to great leaders begin their journey with right kind of people and they took people who shared the same zeal to bring growth in company. The comparison companies follow dictatorship where one person has a vision and others follow it that’s why when the person with the vision leaves, they are left leaderless and visionless. But with level 5 leaders there is no particular person taking decisions, it’s all about team work. The good to great leaders always challenge themselves and are always working towards their improvement. Good to great teams will have debates in search of the best answer possible and they will have unity behind decisions, regardless of their different thoughts. Confront the
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