Qualities of a "Fine" Play

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Ryan Dickinson February 11, 2013 Dr. Zielinski Introduction to Theatre Ed and Edgar Dodging traffic, picking up the dry cleaning, and applying for jobs are the hallmarks of a monotonously scheduled life. Daydreaming provides an appropriate escape for the dullness of routines. In David Ives’ play “Degas, C’est Moi” found in his Carpe Diem themed collection of one-act plays Time Flies the protagonist Ed daydreams out loud by pretending to be Edgar Degas for a full day. From his spur of the moment decision in the morning to his epiphany at night Ed epitomizes the desires of the human spirit – including humanity’s desire for immortality and greatness. Due to the play’s universal themes this one-act can be characterized as a ‘fine’ play.…show more content…
By leaving a few minor loose ends Ives lets readers construct their own back-story for the characters. This uncertainty heightens the play’s richness because it makes the play unique and individualized to each different reader and audience member. Ed’s motivations relate to both the richness of the play and the play’s gravity and pertinence. The gravity of the play refers to the importance of a play’s theme, while a play’s pertinence refers to the story’s concern with the human predicament. One of the reasons Ed morphs into Degas is to combat his own feelings of anonymity and his lack of purpose. Being someone great, being someone ‘immortal’ brings a sense of freshness to his entire life. When he wakes up in the morning he is mesmerized by his surroundings. “This is wonderful! In the bathroom, everything seems transformed yet nothing has changed” he observantly remarks (pg 22). To him, even the “very porcelain pullulates with possibilities” (pg 22). Yet as the day comes to end his Degas persona slips away from him. Ed laments that though he always has a voice in his head “now, tonight, no one is listening” (pg 31). He notes: “That presence that always listened in at the back of my mind is no longer there. Nor is there a presence behind there listening in. Nor a presence behind that, nor behind that,
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