Qualities of a Troop Commander on Operations Today Essay

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Qualities of a troop commander on operations today. Encapsulating ‘A leader is a dealer in hope’ (In the Service of the Sultan) is perhaps the most effective quote from the set reading for summing up the role of a troop commander on operations today. Obviously the task, that is, the job that needs to be accomplished by the troop commander and his troop vary on a day to day basis and (depending on the conflict or situation) can be incredibly diverse. Despite this fact the responsibility of the troop commander remains the same whatever the job, to control and motivate those under his command to get the job done. The key to achieving this responsibility is the ability to ‘deal hope’ or perhaps a better term is ‘to inspire’. In…show more content…
A troop commander needs to make good decisions and a good level of judgement is essential in the decision making process. This ability to understand and apply information also affects the essential relationship between a troop commander and the NCO’s within his platoon. A troop commander (as Sydney Jary points out and repeatedly demonstrates in 18 Platoon) must be able to work with and use the experience of his NCO’s in order to come to the best course of action and a good sense of judgement in order to establish when to use or reject suggestions by those under ones command is an important quality in building and maintaining the professional relationships essential in commanding a troop. Tied into this is the ability to judge the best method of managing the troop and individuals within the troop, to establish whether or not firmness or a greater degree of informality is best for achieving a grip on the troop. A troop commander on operations also must be a good communicator, in order that his decisions and judgements are understood clearly by those under his command. This is not only essential in ensuring that the task is carried out the way intended but is also crucially important in maintaining a workable relationship with the troop, so that those under ones command understand why decisions have been taken the way they are. The ability to communicate is also

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