Qualities of an Effective Teacher

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What it means to be an effective teacher
An effective teacher is someone who increases the understanding of a pupil. Effective teaching is the ability of providing instructions to students of varying abilities while incorporating instructional objectives and assessing the effective education form of students. In the evaluation of performance, efficiency on the lesson plan and technique of delivery forms form part of the criteria taken into consideration. The teacher's practices that ensure the higher level of assessment and active participation are most successful. This outdo all the factors, such as size of the class, socioeconomic conditions and gender (Sullivan 2001). The most significant aspect that gears a student to perform well is the teachers details of classroom practices as demonstrated in one of the video links "Pre-primary: Science -> Mini Beasts". They must have sufficient familiarity with the techniques and methods associated with their career and must certify that the pupil learning must develop over the course of the year (Sullivan 2001). Majorly presumed methods of quantifying teacher effectiveness include pupils work, teacher's assessments, and lesson plans. An effective teacher employs creativity in the classroom. It is both necessary to the student and teacher. Creativity involves qualities like imagination, originality, and self-expression. The teacher should encourage the use of imagination as implied in the video footage. Imagination
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