Quality And Capacity Of Software Testing

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5.0 Introduction Testing is the process to execute the program and find the bugs and fix on the spot. It evaluates the quality of the software, and done during the development and after the implementation process. Software testing is the process of executing the program with intend to find the errors. It is a verification and validation process. Verification is the process which make sure the product to satisfy the specific requirements at the start of the project. Validation it is the process to make sure the product which satisfies the specific requirements at the end of the development phase. 5.1 Software Testing Basics In the start of testing process the basic and primary thing is requirements of development cycle, this phase the testing will be easier for testing. The quality and capacity of software can be examining by executing the code and check the code at different conditions such as software testing by subjecting it to different sources as input and evaluating the results with respect to the inputs. There are two basics types of software testing. Black box testing White box testing These two basic types of testing are explained at lower part of this chapter. 5.1.1 Functional and Non-Functional Testing Functional testing defines the specific function of a particular code in the program. The functional testing gives us the information about the performance and security of a program. Non-functional testing defines the capabilities of a specific software, and it
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