Quality And Performance Of Green Planet Contractors

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QUALITY RECORD AND PERFORMANCE Green Planet Contractors (GPC) is committed to providing the highest quality construction, and will implement a Quality Control Plan on this project during the pre-construction phase that will continue through construction to ensure that all work is completed by using the best practices in accordance with the contract documents and all applicable standards. In order to achieve compliance with the contract documents, our quality control plan includes all pre-construction planning, procurement, fabrication, installation, construction, and support functions. Our quality control team will produce the highest quality project while simultaneously reducing costly changes and installing the mentality of doing it…show more content…
The construction procedures implemented will verify that and end results satisfy the project needs and owner’s expectations. Progress records will be kept and any problems that are identified before they develop will permit timely resolution and will minimize the impact. Permanent record of construction operation as well as documentation of problems, deficiencies and resolution is maintained. TESTING STANDARDS & METHODS GPC’s Quality Control Plan will ensure that the product delivered will conform to all design requirements. Testing Standards will be per specifications and Nationally Recognized Standards, (ex. ASTM, ACI). The methods used onsite will be reviewed on procedures for field sampling, for materials to be used, for equipment that will be sued, and for performance methods, while also documenting and ensuring quality throughout the project operations. COMMISIONING / START-UP: Commissioning is effective because it establishes the qualities of the system and equipment that will be measured for conformance at completion. Additionally, it checks every milestone from design to startup while documenting that the work completed to date is efficient enough to achieve our expectations. The procedures that will be used for commissioning is as follows: • A proposed commissioning plan will be submitted to the owner’s designated representative. • Each trade will coordinate and schedule their equipment startup dates. • All equipment will be tested and inspected prior

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