Quality And Quality Management System

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Assignment: 4.729 Quality Management Topic: Quality Espresso Coffee Prof: Ray Ninow

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My company name z energy (Royal Oak)
a) Prepare a simple Quality manual for the coffee bar to define how quality of the espresso coffee will be managed. 1). Quality management responsibilities
The z energy business shall establish and maintain a quality manual its includes
1. The boundary of the quality management system. Embrace data of and explanation any exclusions,
2. The records and methods established for the quality management system.
3. A complete statement of the interaction between procedures of quality management.

Quality is never an accident it is always the results of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent directions and skillful execution, it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.
Always z company provide high standard of quality of coffee to the customers and maintain fabulous standard in storing coffee beans , managing high genic cleaning of coffee machine , equipment’s , coffee beans , coffee cups . Z company meets the standard of quality in preparation flat white coffee under ISO 9001 standard.
2). Management obligations:
The first and foremost are customer focus and planning…
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