Quality And Quality Of Project Management

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This paper explains what the term” quality” is in system projects, different views of stakeholder regarding the term ‘quality’ for a particular system project and also their differences in terms of project’s quality and product. This paper illustrates about the various methodologies used for improving the quality of the project and the steps taken for monitoring the project’s quality. The possible impacts in terms of project planning and control and people involved and means of detecting and managing these impacts is discussed.
Project success is one of the important terms used in system project management. It can be described in terms of cost, quality and time which mean if the project is completed within time and budget and also meets the requirements of users and customer satisfactions. We can say that project is successful. In the following discussion, only quality of the product will be discussed.
PMBOK describes “Quality is the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfil requirements.”Quality means reducing the complaints or blames rather than providing good product. Software quality or project quality is the foremost requirement of every company, organization, clients or any stakeholder of the project. It is the major challenge to improve the quality of project. Whether it is developer, tester, analyser, designer or manager everyone is trying to improve quality of software projects, making the quality measurable parameters and
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