Quality And Quality Of Quality Control

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Quality Control

Quality control (QC) is a set of procedures to ensure that a manufactured product adheres to the requirements of the client or customer. Inspectors collect data which is analysed for defective units which must be repaired or rejected and poor service repeated at no charge until the customer is satisfied.


Quality Control encourages quality consciousness among the workers in the factory which is greatly helpful in achieving high level of quality in the manufactured products.

Reducing production cost by undertaking effective inspection and control over production processes and operations will reduce costs are considerably reduced. Quality control further checks the production of inferior products and
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Quality assurance helps develop all the steps that make sure that the products manufactured or the service delivered will always be of the highest quality possible.

QC Checks:

Ordering Materials:

First you have to identify the correct materials you need for your product.

A reliable needs to be found which may be someone you have bought from before.

The best price with the high quality needs to be found.

When the correct and reliable materials have been decided and delivered, the delivery note needs to be cross reference to the order you’ve placed. QC Checks:

Weight checks to make sure the product is the required weight.

Visual checks to make sure it looks the way it should.

Reliable source to purchase from.

Receiving Materials:

Making sure that the materials have arrived in perfect condition.

The time of arrival is on time.

No damage should be done to the packaging as the materials may also be damaged.

QC Checks:

Check the quantity of the materials.

Whether the quality of the material meets specifications

The quantity of material received and whether any discrepancies exist when compared with the packing slip

During Manufacturing: The materials need to be in perfect condition to manufacture.

They need to be safe and making sure you have the correct type off machines for the corresponding materials.

QC Checks:

All the specific process are

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