Quality And Quality Of Quality

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In general, the quality depends upon the role of the people describing it. The word Quality rolls around the approach of exceeding and meeting customer expectation to a product. Managing high quality is a continuous and ever changing process that indicate the ideas of working constantly toward better quality. Maintaining better quality covers every aspect of the company: environment, people, and processes. In general quality can be described as a” degree or amount of customer satisfaction”. As per the ISO standard the word quality is defined as “The totality of characteristics of an entity that bear on its ability to stated and implied needs.”. The word quality varies based on the needs like stated and implied. Stated Needs: are the one which are expressed in terms of detailed words from example: ‘Good quality ball point pen with metal body ‘. Implied Needs: are the supporting details of the required product, example: ‘Obvious needs like for a pen- Ability to write ‘.
An appropriate quality strategy would take into consideration various important dimensions of quality. The approach to quality dimensions represent the fact that customers value a product keeping in mind different dimensions. In general, there are three important dimensions of quality
Quality of Design:
Quality of design is the quality, that the supplier or manufacturer is intending to offer to the end user. It is also the interest of designers in including or excluding features in a product or service to
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