Quality And Safe Delivery Of Patient Care

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Every health professional has a duty of care to patients. Specifically, it is nurses who play an important role in quality and safe delivery of patient care. They have the major responsibility for the implementation of policies and procedures in an organisation. Thus, it is essential that all organisations support their staff from all levels of care to deliver the best service in every patient. In addition, every organization is required to offer unwavering encouragement and resources to support staff to perform their duty of care to the best of their ability. The high incidence of risk in the health care settings such as adverse events, near misses, errors, and other clinical incidents have created great concerns for healthcare organizations. Not only they have effects on patients, but also they have showed significant impact on socioeconomic status. For this reason, it is expected that all health care professionals will engage in all elements of risk management to ensure that there is delivery of quality and safe patient care. This paper will critically discuss three (3) episodes of care from the case study Health Care Complaints Commission [HCCC] v Jarrett [2013] Nursing and Midwifery Professional Standards Committee of New South Wales [NSWNMPSC] 3 in relation to Registered Nurse’s [RN] role as a leader in the health care team, application of clinical risk management [CRM] in health care domains, accountability in relation to clinical governance [CG], quality improvement
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