Quality And Safe Healthcare For Patients Should Be The Number One Priority For All Registered Nurses

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Delivering high quality and safe healthcare to patients should be the number one priority for all Registered Nurses and all other healthcare professionals in the workplace and community. This applies whether it takes place in homes, schools, small community clinics or larger city hospitals. Over time guidelines and procedures are put in place, constantly monitored and often altered to ensure that proper care is received by each and every patient, no matter the situation or level of care required. Since the patient will spend most of their one on one healthcare time with the Registered Nurse (about one third). Allowing them to participate in their own care is an important part of their hospital stay and the impact of the therapeutic…show more content…
Continuing Professional Development is one of the main strategies in continuing education, improving patient centred care approaches and encouraging patient participation. Patient participation is a broad term which can occur on many different sites and during various activities. In a healthcare setting, this may include seeking out and engaging with various healthcare professionals, joining groups or sessions in order to improve their condition in a certain way or being heavily involved in the different “decision making” processes that may occur during all of these situations (Tobiano, Marshall, Bucknall, & Chaboyer, 2015, p. 02). The importance of patient’s participating in their own care management plans is based on the grounds that is known to assist in improving a patient’s progress. It is also promoted as a way to improve the safety of patients in hospitals. Patient participation is found to help improve the patient’s condition both psychologically and physically by increasing motivation, satisfaction and altering treatment results over time for the better. (Sahlsten, Larsson, Sjöström, & Plos, 2009, p. 01). As well as a basic moral right, participating in one’s own care is a legal right in various countries (Larsson, Sahlsten, Segesten, & Plos, 2011, p. 01). It is important to the patient that their needs and wishes are not overlooked during care planning. As the
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