Quality And Total Quality Management

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Quality is defined by meeting customers ' needs. Total quality management in the company through continuous improvement of the quality of its products, services and people. (Goetsch, 2010) Quality and total quality management, the main difference is that perception and activities. (Goetsch, 2010) Here are two of the main elements of the total amount as follows: 1) Education and training: all must be trained and the staff of the organization and educated so that they work hard to do a smart job. 2) unity of purpose: All employees must work toward a common goal. (Bagad, 2008) The keys to success for the implementation of the overall quality of the organization is the ACT, and control, and improve the apartment. Quality plan, quality improvement and quality control are the steps ACT. (Bagad, 2008) The conditions and the concept of Total Quality is quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. 1) Quality Planning: the political process quality objectives and requirements of measurable system, and provides a series of measures to achieve them within the specified time 2) Quality control: Quality control is an ongoing effort to keep the whole process can keep achieving reliable results. 3) Quality assurance: Quality assurance is a planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate product or service and meet certain requirements in confidence. 4) improve the quality, quality control can be divided to improve quality is to improve the

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