Quality And Transparency Of Hospital Care

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Mustary Akter Professor: Karah Newton URPN 370.500 December 02, 2016 The Quality and Transparency of Hospital Care To increase the quality and transparency to provide the best heath care in the United States, the health care system is continuously undergoing through many changes in the system. For this assignment, we needed to visit Leap Frog Group website to choose a city and a hospital in order to understand the quality rating of that particular hospital. I chose the city College Station because it is my hometown and the hospital that I chose to examine was CHI St. Joseph Health Regional-Bryan. For this assignment, we needed to pick two variables within the rating matrix to evaluate the hospital. The variables that I chose to evaluate for the hospital CHI St. Joseph Health Regional-Bryan is that under the category of inpatient care management: steps to avoid harm and readmissions for common acute conditions. First of all, I looked up what are the steps that CHI St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital takes to avoid harm. According to Leap Frog Group the survey mainly focused on if the workers of this hospital clean their hands before seeing a patient to keep the harmful bacteria from spreading. They also focused on how well the workers communicate with their patients to provide correct medication information and how effectively do the workers work together. To identify all this information the Leap Frog Group made a survey containing eight of safety procedures out of 34
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