Quality Assurance At Industrial Products Plant

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Introduction Cody Fixer is director, quality assurance at industrial products plant having 1600 employees. Cody met with his subordinate Mark Hamler to know what happened last week as he was busy in seminar “Quality in the 2010’s”. He came to know that they had problem on the grease line. As Cody Fixer started inspecting and understanding the work culture of the company, he figured out there were lots of problem in the marketing, manufacturing, plants and equipment and product designing area. They have been facing problems with new filling equipment’s and the rate at which the products are being produced is 50% of standard, about 14 cases per shift that caught halfway. There was the safety issue of the high‐pressure in the cans too. The gear had been adjusted by plant upkeep for taking care of the lower thickness Greasex, which it had not initially been planned for. This included planning a unique filling head. There was no booked deterrent support for this supplies, what 's more the parts for the delicate filling head, supplanted three times in the last six months, had to be made at an adjacent machine shop. Moreover the plastic nozzles which were purchased were not of proper size which are showing sign of coming danger. The most important issue that Cody figured out was that the employees there were not interested in providing good quality. Problem faced by Greasex production line The greasy line is specialized in manufacturing solvent packed in cans for degreasing

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