Quality Assurance Case Study Essay

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Case Study Analysis: Hank Kolb, Director, Quality Assurance Issue This case involves a man named Hank Kolb who has recently taken on a role as the Director of Quality Assurance as a manufacturing plant. He has been brought in to ensure quality in a place that is known for have a lax attitude about quality and safety. The product described in the case is Greasex, which consists of solvents packed in cans for decreasing. The company has experience some trouble with the filling equipment The problems in the case are related to several areas. They include personal such as the machine operator having no formal job training. Also included in plant maintenance in that the equipment was not designed specifically for Greasex in…show more content…
All the various causes of the quality problems on the Greasex line, depicting the answer on a cause-effect (or fishbone) diagram. Answer 1. The problem which occurred in the Hank Kolb Case can be attributed to the following listed reasons 1. Low accountability on quality: Everyone was rushing through the work. No one was really concerned about the quality of their deliverable. 2. Schedule vs Quality: Quality took a backseat when schedule was to be met. It shows the hurry for keeping the product on the rack as soon as possible. 3. Focus on short term: Focus was always on how to get the fix done to get the immediate work done. Focus was never to fix the problem. 4. No prequalification of process : 5. Quality Dept. not taken seriously 6. Absence / Non adherence to Standard Operating Procedures 7. Quality and other dept too friendly: Quality dept was too friendly with other dept to the fact that they never thought as to why their work was always being compromised. They were not able to realize that they were not doing what was expected out of them 8. Lack of total approach to product development: There was a lack to approach leading to product development. Fish Bone Diagram of the root cause of Hank Kolb case [pic] Question2. The general steps for setting up a company-wide continuous quality improvement program which Hank could propose for the company, for consideration by the general manager, Morganthal.
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