Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance Approach. White Box

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Approach
White box testing approach is used to ensure the quality of the components in the web application. This is essentially done by the developers who have implemented the requirements and have knowledge of the functionality. In addition, during the iterative development the business analysts who have written the business use case are also involved in this white box testing when the component is fully implemented. This quality control process eventually leads to assurance of quality. The QA process also verifies all documents are available in the project repository. This includes the versioned project plan, weekly bug lists i.e. open and closed bugs, enhancement request that need to go through
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The record is maintained in a tabular format and the corrective actions are planned to create new revisions of the project artifacts. If the requirements were not met as expected by the use cases, then the revision is part of the iterative development. If the formative evaluation results in changes to the original requirement, then the change is processed through the change control management plan. For example, one of the requirement mentioned that the time zone option list should show up only if the transfer reason was time zone change. While this passed the unit test during formative testing, the business user then realized, the service request could have a different reason like manager discretion and still need time zone alignment. So, the business user created a change request to remove the dependency of showing the time zone option list and instead show it all the time.
Another change was made to the notification message in case of rejection of a transfer request. The business user, during formative testing, realized that a message of rejection sounds demoralizing, so it was decided to change the message to indicate that the request has been closed as it needs more information. The idea was to soften the blow of not doing what the engineer wanted. Since this was a minor change in text, it was incorporated without additional budgeting.
Summative Evaluation Plan
At the end of the project,
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