Quality Assurance - Quality Control Lab Technician

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Quality Assurance – Quality Control Lab Technician Why Quality lab technician? When I first started to work I started working as a team leader for a company name Medicia Corp. My responsibilities and duties were to supervise all operations of a production line including personnel, from the beginning stage to the final packaging process. That’s how it all began. I acquired a lot of knowledge of what quality control was in the manufacturing field. As life went on I had the opportunity to work for a great company named Shiseido. I started as a Quality Lab Clerk it was more of administrative work environment assisting the quality assurance/ quality control department. My duties and responsibilities as lab clerk were increasing little by little as well my learning skills. I ended up being the Quality lab Technician of QA/QC department. I acquired a lot of experience, and knowledge. Not only did I receive an opportunity, I also expanded my experience skills. In the process I found out what exactly I liked and wanted to pursue as a career. What is Quality Control? Quality control is the use of techniques and activities to archive and sustain the quality of a product and services. Quality control test and inspect products procedures to ensure that a manufactured product and service defined quality criteria and meets the requirements of customer standards. Quality Control activities include ensuring that product specifications are met throughout the manufacture process. Procedures
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