Quality Assurance in Health Care

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INTRODUCTION Pursuing to meet customer expectations is a critical and strategic decision. It is not something an organization does simply to satisfy a standard but it is something does to stay in the business. Meeting customer expectations should be the ultimate goal. Although profit and revenues are very important, this is nothing compare the results of fulfilling customer needs and expectations. Everyone must involve in meeting customer expectations. All personnel should have the capability to meet what the customers expect them to do. Customers are only satisfied if their expectations are consistently met. To be competitive, expectations of customers must meet in a timely and cost effective manner. As for the National Health…show more content…
It is based on the belief that everything in the organization and business can be improved. As explained by Christina Saint Martin, in-house expert in implementing Kaizen system within healthcare organizations, Kaizen is “a method of working which will help us all to identify and eliminate waste and improve the quality of the processes that are part of the healthcare experience. It also ensures that our staffs are supported to deliver the highest quality and safest patient care” (Wirral University Teaching Hospital, 2010). Kaizen is a big help in NHS because it is the method essential in maintaining and exceeding the level of care that the clients or the patients expecting from the NHS to provide. Kaizen’s principle aims for improvement, effectiveness, safety, and waste reduction and those who follow the approach often find a whole lot more in return (Torrington and Hall, 1995). Inventory is used more efficiently as are employee skills and more people are satisfied as they have direct impact on the process. Team members are more satisfied and most likely to commit doing a good job, thus satisfied customers are more likely to stay. It focuses on identifying problems at their source, solving them at their source, and changing standards to ensure the problem stays solved. Although Kaizen’s principle is for change and continuous improvement, its consensus can take a long time to reach. It is difficult to start or to introduce a new system because they know where
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