Quality Based Medicaid Payment During Health Policy

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Quality-Based Medicaid Payment in Health Policy LeadingAge Texas is working with policy makers to pass the Nursing Home Quality Rate Enhancement health policy. Some of the issues addressed in the meeting regarding quality care will be addressed in this paper. How the NHQRE policy will impact the advanced nursing practice and the delivery of health care. NHQRE is a needed health policy that will increase our quality care. During the LeadingAge Texas 2017 Legislative meeting, which took place in Austin, Texas, on the 30th of January, the priority health policy issue that emerged was the Nursing Home Quality Rate Enhancement program; which builds upon the Nursing Facility Direct-Care Staff Enhancement Program that was put into place…show more content…
Analysis of Policy Perspectives The goal of the LeadingAge Texas is to implement higher direct staffing hours for each resident allowing for positive outcomes, which is what the government was trying to accomplish through Texas Quality Incentive Payment Program (QIPP). QIPP implemented the goals of decreased pressure ulcers, decreased usage of antipsychotics, decrease in falls, and physical restraints (Texas Quality Incentive Payment Program, 2016). While these incentives assist in improving quality care, quality care starts at adequate quality staffing. Staffing is the key to quality care and is what consumers advocate; however, the nursing industry would rather implement incentive programs (Harrington et al., 2016). As shown by the failure of QIPP and NHQRE, quality staffing is needed to improve the quality of care. According to the discussion in the meeting the biggest barrier is funding. The “flat rate” reimbursement system allows poor quality FP facilities to be reimbursed instead of using those funds to support quality care in the NFP facilities. Increased funding is needed, to increase quality caregiver’s wages improving the staffing turnover, and allowing for facilities to provide medical equipment (THCA, 2016). NFP facilities would receive the funds needed to continue providing quality care, FP facilities would need to increase their quality of care, and Medicaid would benefit greatly, by

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