Quality Control

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GE on Quality Control University of Texas at Brownsville October 25, 2012 Abstract Quality Control plays a major role in the success of a Company. GE is a prime example of a company implementing procedure and maintaining high quality to provide consumers what they are looking for and making every dollar count. Six Sigma and its key concepts contribute to the success of any company. Control Charts provide dominance in measuring variances and help prevent problems. Employee empowerment is another tool extremely vital to the success of a company. GE on Quality Control It is most important to assure consumers that the process for developing a product is followed accurately. The way to do this is to have quality control in a…show more content…
Process capability is the skill that you have outfitted your product with. The better the product is outfitted the better the product will function and the better satisfied the consumer will be. If the improvement are maintained over the period of the company's success, the more successful the company will be. Variation is the difference from what the customer actually feels and what they see. The closer the feel and the look of the product the better the product will be. Stable operation is the dependable and expected process that is used to improve what the customer gets. Last but not least, the design for Six Sigma is the spine of the process that continues meeting customers’ needs. These concepts working together is what GE’s quality control process is set out to achieve GE utilizes quality control tools in order to provide the consumers with the products they are used to getting when we purchase a GE product. These tools include control charts, defect measurements, root cause analysis, and statistical process controls. Control charts keep an eye on differences that may happen during the production. It also provides the company unforeseen inconsistency which may cause the process to produce flawed goods. Control charts are an extremely dominant tool when measuring variances and prevents a problem before it get out of control. Defect measurements are report that keeps track of how many defects occur during the production process, which in
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