Quality Control & Project Management

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Many failed projects today can be attributed to poor or total neglect of quality standards through lack of Quality control. Quality control, when implemented in a project, helps in yielding profit because the output is usually of great standard whereas when omitted, unavoidable losses are incurred. A project is said to be complete when the output not only conforms to pre-defined requirements but also to quality standards of the category it falls in. e.g. Standard for Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2000 Automotive: ISO/TS 16949:2002 Energy: PC 242-ISO 50001 Food Safety: ISO 22000:2005 Medical Devices: ISO 13485:2003 Risk: ISO 31000 According to the ISO 8402-94 standards, “QUALITY” could be defined as “The set of…show more content…
5. It provides an advantage in the competitive market. Outcomes of poor Quality Control in Project management: - * Loss of brand reputation and huge profit: - this is usually the case when poor quality control standards or total neglect of quality management occurs during a project. The resultant output is often below standard and this causes customers to lose interest and respect for the product and this in turn results in loss of brand name and financial loss. * High risk of Litigation: - a typical example is that of substandard software which mal functions and gives out data of individuals it is meant to protect. This causes the producers to be fined, sued and in most cases banned from production. * Increase in Baseline Cost: - cost of maintaining infrastructures and repairs caused by poor project quality control brings about an increase in the baseline cost. This is because rather than funds to be spent in development, they are spent repairing and amending defective products. * Environmental Hazards: - poor quality control often results in environmental hazards. An example is that of the “Dubai mall aquarium”. If during the process of executing the project (creation of the aquarium), certain safety standards regarding glass where followed, the burst which resulted into a mini flood that nearly swept away lots of property and people wouldn’t have occurred. Quality control is an important aspect of successful project management. There are many elements of
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