Quality Data Characteristics

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Discuss some characteristics of quality data.
Precisely some of the characteristics are generally based on the main levels of quality assurance such as with accuracy, accessibility, comprehensiveness, consistency.
Data accuracy- means that it must be correct at all time, error free.
Data accessibility- means should be easy to get a hold of at all time.
Data comprehensiveness- means that all data must be updated and completed.
Data consistency- means that all information within the document must be a reliable source of data.
Discuss how gaps (or breaches) are predicted and handled.
Most organizations with company data files must predict that it is possible that someone would possibly hack into their files and cause a potential data breach.
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This data system for HIPAA is constantly amended based on changes due to civil right laws or legal laws suits that have made ground breaking changes in health care today. The law has allowed it to be possible to maintain the privacy rights for all patients with written consent and is continuing to be debated each year.
Discuss Web 2.0 and its primary features.
In a nut shell the web 2.0 is the way the information is shared, stored, created, displayed, manipulated, and distributed how it effects the internet.
Review each of the following Web 2.0 tools (you will need to create a free account to use Practice Fusion). Are these tools useful? What are the benefits or drawbacks of using tools such as these? Share your observations with the class.
Typically, the tools used from web 2.0 have brilliantly displayed how easy it is to maneuver around the Practice fusion website. Initially, the setup process required that an access code was used to setup the account which clearly meant that there were security safe guards that needed to be passed through first. Overall, this website is an easy part to setting up ordering prescriptions, billing insurance companies, and setting up patient electronic medical
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