Quality Department Analysis

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Patients similarly can discuss face-to-face minor issues with a doctor from the healthcare facility using a modern phone or computer application technology. Doctor on Demand is a service that allows patients, from the comfort of home, to connect with a provider through the patient’s technological device. This service is quick and easy, and patients are seen at a fractional cost of a face-to-face visit. From a healthcare perspective, this program helps to alleviate unnecessary and often overcrowded emergency room visits, allowing the emergency room providers and nursing staff to focus on the critically ill patients. One of the main departments of the healthcare facility, of which will be the focus of this analysis, is the Quality…show more content…
Leadership Practices (A2) The hospital Quality Director demonstrates many exemplary talents. She is highly skilled in her current role, which is shown by her understanding of the hospital operations and her multi-departmental experiences gained throughout her career. Her understanding of key functional areas at a high level down to the fine details gives her great depth and perception of the overall quality functions of the facility. Understanding that a quality director’s personal style of leadership can impact many facets of the healthcare facility operations, execution of her leadership style must be influential not only to her direct line staff but also to hospital associates who view her in her important role. One leadership responsibility of the Quality Director is to ensure that quality improvement activities surrounding patient care are efficient to the operation. Her day starts with a team quality huddle, where she reviews reported patient care and safety events with her staff, as well as any changes in key quality metrics from the previous 24 hours. Directly after the quality huddle, the director attends both administrative and clinical leader huddles disseminating
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