Quality For Gain A Competitive Edge For Their Businesses

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Many worldwide organizations today are focusing on quality to gain a competitive edge for their businesses. We now understand that an emphasis on quality improves overall productivity and reduces costs. It was not that long ago that business people used to think just the opposite. Organizations put emphasis on productivity at the expense of quality and began to lose many of their customers as competition increased. As a result organizations began to examine the philosophies of two Quality Gurus by the names of Doctor Edward Deming and Joseph M. Juran. In the 1980’s America’s quality revolution began and American businesses looked to Deming’s philosophy and approach to help transform their companies into efficient quality driven organizations. Deming’s emphasized product reliability achieving it through statistical analysis and worker-management cooperation. Deming believed that quality is a learning process and managers must take responsibility for the control of quality and for increasing productivity. In other words, managers needed to adopt a new philosophy and transform their managerial practices into a new style of management in order to be successful (Evans, 2014). Deming 's management strategies are based on his 14-Points so that management could achieve the transformation that was necessary for succeeding. By putting and focusing energy and resources into producing high quality products, Deming believed that organizations would benefit financially. The new
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