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COMPARING THREE QUALITY MANAGEMENT GURUS W. Edwards Deming Joseph M. Juran Philip B. Crosby Prepared by: Abdelatif Hegazy Director Quality TECOM Investments Tel: +971 4 3913239 Fax: +971 4 3918777 Mobile: +971 50 4670973 A member of DUBAI HOLDING www.dubaiholding.com FOREWORD Many organizations worldwide are focusing today on quality to restore their competitive edge. We know now that an emphasis on quality improves overall productivity and reduces costs. Business people used to think just the opposite; that quality costs and that they have to create products of high quality. As a result…show more content…
Juran is also known for the Juran trilogy and the concept of managerial breakthrough. He is the chief editor of many writings, to name but few; The Quality Control Handbook (1988), Juran on Leadership for Quality (1989); Juran on Planning for Quality (1988)… Juran has received the Order of the Sacred Treasure of Japan the Australian Organization for Quality Control established the Juran Medal in 1975. CROSBY, Philip B. Philip B. Crosby, 65, is an internationally known quality expert. He has established a Quality College, which has trained more than 100,000 managers. In 1979, Crosby’s book Quality is Free was published and became a best seller in the field of management. Crosby is also the author of many books, to name but few; Leading (1990); Let’s Talk Quality (1989)… He became Director of Quality and Corporate Vice President of ITT Corporation, where he spent 14 years. In 1991 Crosby In 1991, Crosby retired from the firm Philip Crosby Associates (PCA) and started a new company, Career IV, Inc., for the purpose of conducting seminars, writing books, and conducting a limited lecture tour. He passed away in August 18, 2001 leaving the world yet anchoring in our minds as the “Zero Defects” Guru. 4. GURUS DEFINE QUALITY DEMING Deming does not define quality in a single phrase. He asserts that the customer can only define the

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