Quality Healthcare Paper

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Access to Quality Healthcare Paper

Ruddy Jean

L. Lewellen MBAJOGZL57

April 27, 2010
Quality Healthcare Introduction It will be evident to realize that financial, educational, and socio – demographic implications can bring serious impact on access to quality healthcare in the organization.
Labor shortage will stay an important component that can affect as well the access to quality care. Socio – demographic changes linked with chronic illnesses can have an effect on the aging population, which may reduce the quality of life, increase costs for healthcare and rise resource allocation. In point of fact, both labor shortage and socio –
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Furthermore, chronic illnesses excessively affect older people and are linked with disability, reducing quality of life, and rising costs for healthcare and long – term care.
Impact on Access to Quality Care
A majority of Americans imagine that the quality of healthcare and the socio – demographic changes have been impacted considerably by the global nursing shortage.
A number of current reports show that United States is facing shortages of healthcare providers countrywide. Access to quality care can decrease health discrepancies and increase the years of healthy life for all U.S. citizens. Hospitals across the U.S.A. are stressed with workforce shortages that have the potential to cooperate both access to quality care and accessibility of healthcare in the next five years. The phenomenon of shortage will impact on access to quality care because there simply are not sufficient nurses and medicinal technologist to serve our aging populace. On the other hand, the elderly women who are outnumbered elderly men become more culturally and ethically diverse. Poverty rates will stay one more impact on access of quality care and will rise with advancing age. Besides, the effects of aging are controlled by more special effects of race, class and gender and may result in higher risks for health and social dilemmas.

As a result, major connotations comprise
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