Quality Improvement Action Plan Implementation Essay

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Quality Improvement Action Plan An estimated 30,100 central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) occur yearly in the United States intensive care units and acute care facilities (cdc.gov, 2016). CLABSIs are a significant issue in MCH that requires immediate attention to reach the goal of zero CLABIs. The purpose of this paper is to develop a plan for implementing the CLABSI quality improvement initiative, including the process of planning a timeline, implementation, and evaluation of the improvement.
Plan for Implementing CLABSI Initiative CLABSI have serious consequences, impacting the patient in a variety of ways, including increased mortality, suffering, and increased length of hospitalization. Joint Commission’s national safety goals for 2016 complements IOM’s aims to provide safe care. Joint Commissions goal NPSG.07.04.01 to implement evidence-based practices to prevent CLABSI (Joint Commission, 2015). MCWHLB aim is to have a zero CLABSI rate to prevent harm from occurring to our inpatient pediatric population.
Process Timeline for Planning
An organization must create the operational plan timeline prior to the execution. All changes related to vascular access devices (VAD) must gain support and approval of the VAD committee; hence, the need to present the project plans with the supporting research to gain buy-in. Consequently, the planning timeline should include meeting with the stakeholders. MCH chose to use a Gantt timeline. A Gantt
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