Quality Improvement And Health Care Delivery System

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Quality improvement and initiatives are significant for the organization to provide quality health care delivery system. The patient’s safety and satisfaction are greatly achieved through the organization’s leadership, commitment, and initiatives. Quality initiatives can help the organization maximize resources in delivering quality and standard health care services. This paper aims to discuss the importance of quality improvement, contribution of health information technology system in quality improvement, and examined the government policies that affect organization in the delivery of quality health care. Organization’s leadership and commitment using innovation on quality improvement implementation can promote standard and quality…show more content…
Laboratory quality managers are responsible in creating, analyzing and formulating policies regarding safety and quality assurance procedures for use in the laboratory. As the person in charge of ensuring results of the highest quality, the laboratory quality managers are valuable source of information in regards to quality improvement and initiatives. They create systems that enable laboratories to monitor data quality and performance. An interview was conducted to one of quality laboratory managers in a highly respected tertiary hospital in southern California. Quality improvement projects are being conducted by organizations to streamline procedures and protocols. QI aimed to enhance the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of health care services through standardized processes. The improvement is achieved using various methods and strategies. Healthcare delivery is becoming more complex which required for new and enhanced methods that will reduce costs and provide access to new healthcare information technologies. In the interview, the laboratory manager recognized its roles with regard to quality in the laboratory or in an organization. It was given that it is the responsibility of QI officer to identify continuous process improvement opportunities the organization can explore. It seeks venues and
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