Quality Improvement And Risk Management

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The quality department has developed this manual to introduce new employees to the basic concepts of risk and quality management within the institution. This manual meets the institution’s initiative for continuous quality improvement within each department and the opportunity to mitigate areas of risk whenever possible. In order to accomplish this goal, it is important for the new employee to be able to identify what quality improvement and risk management mean within the institution. The institution believes that when employees are aware of these concepts, decision-making processes can be put in place to reduce risk and improve quality. This manual will also review the challenges that come from risk- and quality-management decisions especially in the health care setting. The new employee will be introduced to a variety of tools available to help assess potential problems, determine whether a change is needed and how to institute these changes through informed decision making. A clear understanding of how to use these tools will help the institution reach their goals of patient-centered care while providing a safe environment. Risk and quality management initiatives have the potential to save lives and save the institution money. The institution believes that successful risk and quality management is achieved only through employee awareness and incentives to provide a culture of safety. Quality Improvement within Health Care Quality may be understood differently
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