Quality Improvement Initiative Falls Management Program

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Quality Improvement Initiative-Falls Management Program in Nursing Homes

Falls are very common among nursing home residents. Residents in nursing homes are more likely to fall due to their age, chronic health conditions, medication, or change in the environment after admission to the facility. The people who provide care every day in nursing homes know firsthand how critical falling can be to the health of the residents they care for. Fall prevention is critical in order to decrease falls in nursing homes. There are programs that are designed to help nursing home staff members identify the reason for resident fall. These programs give a preventive measure that assures accuracy and sensitivity of patients risk from falling. The Falls Management Program (FMP) is one of these programs. The Falls Management Program (FMP) is a multifaceted quality improvement initiative that is designed to assist nursing homes, it includes assessment, individualized care planning, resident monitoring, and the elimination of environmental safety hazards (Taylor, J., Parmelee, P., Brown, H., & Ouslander, J., 2005). FMP also improves care processes and outcomes through educational, staff training and quality improvement tools and ongoing consultation by qualified falls nurse. There are several reasons why FMP is significant. Research shows that about half of the nursing home residents in the U.S. fall each year and it is estimated that 1 in 3 of those who fall will fall in the future. Falling
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