Quality Improvement Is Defined “As Systematic, Data-Guided

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Quality improvement is defined “as systematic, data-guided activities designed to bring about immediate improvement in health care delivery in particular settings”(Lynn et al., 2007, p 667) by utilising the Model for Improvement, which is not a replacement for one already used by the organisation. Instead, the model of improvement accelerates improvement of health care process and proved to be successful. It consists of two parts such as the three questions and the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle of rapid change tool to determine if the change is an improvement (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2017).

Jane (pseudonym) is a student nurse in the first week of practicum placement in an aged residential care facility. Jane has
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All of these are not only unavoidable but also impact a person’s ability to interact with family, health professionals and health care providers. This also, impacts their ability to take an active part in the decision-making of their care limiting participation in therapy, counselling and education. There was no data or resources available at the residential care facility on communication aids to support those with communication problems. Jane added activity facilitators, nurses, student nurses and health care assistants to the team to represent the interdisciplinary aspects of the communication issue. She also recruited a family member of one of the residents on a hospital wing to provide their perspective.

Jane then applied the Plan-Do-Study- Act (PDSA) cycle of rapid change tool or process to her project on q-cards aid tool. In the “Plan” part of the cycle, Jane talked to the activity facilitator regarding the communication aids available in the rest home facility for those who have aphasia, dysphasia or dysarthria. She found that even though the activity facilitator uses cards for people with dementia in the dementia unit; it is more a picture recognition rather than supporting communication. Furthermore, Jane spoke to the clinical manager regarding an idea to use the q-cards as a means to support

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