Quality Improvement Of Health Care

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Nothing in life remains the same things are constantly changing. In order for company to remain competitive they must make quality improvements to keep up with the changes. Health care is no different. In fact continuous quality improvement in health care are more important then any other field. Health care is a business that affects every consumer. Health care is not only a business but it is a viral part of everyone life. Because of the impact health care has on the entire world it is important that changes are made continuously to ensure that the consumer (patient) receives the highest level of service. Continuous Quality improvement (CQI) ensures that the best healthcare possible is provided. The use of Continuous Quality improvement…show more content…
Therefore in order to run a successful healthcare company the customer must remains happy. Different from other company healthcare does have a product to sale. The service that is received from healthcare is the patient health. When a consumer purchase an item that they are unpleased with the item can be returned and the customer received an issue. In healthcare the process isn’t quite that simple. Often times if a patient received inappropriate care there may not be a way to correct the problem. That is why it is important for healthcare company to provide the proper the first time. Healthcare companies must ensure that every thing probably is done to not only keep the customer happy but to also keep the customer healthy. The measure of customer satisfaction parts an important part in monitoring healthcare quality and also how healthcare is improved. While clinical processes and monitoring health care outcomes are important, the patient satisfaction has been identified is the most important aspect of quality improvements. Patients’ experience can influence how clinicians provide care and their feedback can determine how providers operate. Data collect from customer service survey can also be use to hold the provider accountable to provide the level of care that should be given. In this day and age the patient has much more control of the health care choice. Patient are paying ore for health care therefore they are making wiser healthcare choice. Customer is
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