Quality Improvement Organizations ( Qios )

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Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs), work in partnership with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to advocate for safe, efficient, and quality healthcare for Americans. Working at the community level, QIOs collaborate with providers and interact with beneficiaries to improve patient outcomes. Additionally, QIOs support new models of care and promote healthcare goals endorsed by the National Quality Strategy, and CMS Quality Strategy. CMS has strategically placed QIOs in several regions nationwide, and Mississippi is served by Information and Quality Healthcare (IQH). IQH founded in 1971 as a non-profit organization has strived to improve the quality of care received in Mississippi. IQH participates in a tobacco cessation helpline, behavioral health services, and diabetes education for Medicare beneficiaries. Recently, I had the opportunity to train and work alongside the dedicated professionals at IQH. During my time there, I had the pleasure meeting IQH’s Chief Financial Officer (CIO), David Dale. Dale has an impressive resume that reflects his extensive experience. Trained as a computer engineer, he gravitated towards the healthcare industry. Healthcare offered Dale stability and security while he gained experience in information technology. Eventually, his talent and dedication to his profession caught the attention of the upper echelon of Merit Health’s Central Hospital. Promoted to the Director of Information Services, Dale began to

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