Quality Improvement Paper

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Quality Improvement Paper Every company should want to ensure that it produces quality products or services. Verizon field technicians use a checklist to help ensure that they are doing quality work. The checklist reminds the technician what needs to be done at each job. Even with a checklist and process in place it could be better. The mangers need to spend more time in the field ensure quality work is being done.
Verizon customer zone technicians install and repair phone lines in Verizon's network for both residential and business customers. To insure that the customer has quality service there is a checklist in place for all technicians to follow. By following the checklist the technician can insure that the customer has
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If the technician is going to install any new wiring then the technician will inform the customer how is will be installed. This is to insure that that customer does not call the business office later to complain about how the wok was done. All through out the time the technician is at the customer's location he needs to keep the customer informed of the work being done. When installing new service or repairing the phone lines many times the trouble is not at the customer's location so the technician must go down the street. Any time the technician has to leave the customers premises he needs to inform the customer what he is doing a how long before he expects to return. While the work is being done it is very important that the technician ensure that the customer's line has been bonded and grounded. This will help to protect the customer's equipment in case of lightning or stray voltage from the power lines. After the technician has completed the work that needed to be performed the technician then has to complete a couple of test. The first test is the transmission test which is a combination of several different readings. This test measures the about of noise on the line, test to ensure there is a proper ground, test for power influence and performs a stress test on the line. After the test is completed the technician records the results of the test on a sticker that is then placed inside the customers demark.
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