Quality Improvement Plan

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“We will find our baseline measurement using nurse surveys, audits and observation timings. We will track what steps are covered and how long each step takes and the number of occurrences of near misses due to inefficient handoffs relating to patient safety. We will also measure our patient baseline data from current patient satisfaction surveys” N. Guyse (personal communication, February 22, 2014). Currently we are inefficient and unsafe with handoff practices due to missing or incomplete information, multiple processes used between the nursing staff, and multiple report out processes being practiced on the floor. Multiple processes are causing confusion and incidental overtime. With multiple processes, information is being missed between nursing staff, which is a safety concern due to the increased errors. Our organization is working on the creation of one standardized process used between all employees to ensure that all handoffs are efficient and safe. “We have implemented a group report out for nursing staff in conjunction with the beside report outs” N. Guyse (personal communication, February 22, 2014).
Sample measures through patient and nurse satisfaction surveys and observations will be used to show if we are making improvements with the change. Run charts will be used to show if improvements are taking place over time and will help with improvements by depicting how well the handoff process is performing. They will help in determining when changes are
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