Quality Improvement Plan for Wishmewell Hospital

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QUALITY IMPROVEMNET PLAN FOR WISHMEWELL HOSPITAL Introduction Hospital waiting times are a major problem for the health sector of a country. In welfare states where health care is subsidized, economic crises can result in reduced level of services for people. The absence of health insurance also means that people cannot afford private health care. This increases waiting times at hospitals, which might result in health complications for patients while they wait for their turn. Six Sigma tools can be particularly useful for improving processes at service organizations (Tennant 2001, p. 35). This paper describes how a six sigma quality improvement plan can be developed to reduce waiting times at the Wishmewell Hospital. Description of Goals and Objectives The six sigma quality improvement plan for the Wishmewell Hospital is being designed so that waiting times at the emergency department of the hospital can be reduced. The waiting times at hthe emergency departments of hospitals across the United Sates have been increasing in recent times because of the reduction in the public health services because of the financial and economic crisis facing the country. As a result, large numbers of people have to do without adequate health insurance coverage that is needed to avail the health care services of private hospitals. They have to use the emergency department as a source of primary health care. Because of the increase in the number of patients, hospitals are finding

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