Quality Improvement in Nursing

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She falls on the way and hits her head leaving her with a huge laceration and possible subdural damage. This is the third fall this month on the unit; changes must be made in order to address the policies to prevent falls. Policy changes are one of the many issues that a quality improvement nurse will address in her field.
Nursing is a growing and evolving field that changes with new initiatives, government regulations, and technology. There is great demand in the field and new nurses are constantly called to meet the needs of patients. As the population of our country ages, the number of nurses needed to meet these demands will increase. The field of nursing does not just involve the direct care of patients. A number of careers within the field support policy, management, and coordination of patient care. Quality Improvement nursing is one career that can be obtained by a registered nurse that does not involve direct patient care. Quality Improvement nursing involves initiating policies and changes within the facility to improve patient care as well as lower facility costs, increase patient safety, and increase nurse satisfaction. This career has grown drastically in the last few decades due to health care reform acts, insurance regulation changes, and advances in technology. The position of quality improvement requires a unique set of skills and training, a higher salary matrix, as…
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