Quality Issues in Project Management

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QUALITY ISSUES IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT 1. Introduction There are a number of issues surrounding the general area of “quality” in project management. You will need to be aware of some of the requirements of PRINCE (or PRINCE2) as well as the more general aspects of the ISO 9000 and 14000 series. 2. Quality requirements as part of PRINCE PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) was revised from PRINCE in 1996 and is the accepted standard for the control of projects in the computing area of the public sector. It is also widely used outside this sector as a way of formalising project control procedures. It lays down 8 key processes concerning (content generally obvious): 1. Directing of the project. 2. Planning of…show more content…
We should also be aware of the ISO 14000 which covers legislative requirements with respect to environmental impacts. This is relevant, in parts, to projects and their impacts. 4. The Prince2 Quality Plan/Manual: The quality plan needs to cover in detail several key aspects of project control: How quality criteria will be set? What measures are to be taken to prevent the occurrence of faults or variances? What will be done to detect and correct any faults/variances that do occur? What tests/procedures will be used to demonstrate that quality criteria are being met? What review and follow up procedures will be used? Who will perform the quality control work? What documentation will be produced by the process? 5. The Prince2 Quality Review and Log: This might be the most important part of quality control in your PRINCE2 project. The aim is to find any errors, deviations from standards or omissions in the task or stage once it is claimed to be finished or at any other agreed point. It is a face-to-face meeting (of no more than two hours) which should allow early error or variance trapping. It consists of preparation, review and follow up procedures. A quality log is kept of all invitations, attendees, results, corrective actions and sign-offs. This log can then be inspected as an audit trail by the user/stakeholder/client or by any independent quality assurance agency in event of any disputes. Sources
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