Quality Management Assessment Summary Essay

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Quality Management Assessment Summary
Stephanie Webb
University of Phoenix
March 8, 2011

Quality Management Assessment Summary Quality management is a systematic and continuous process that organizations use to deliver products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations (McLaughlin, & Kaluzny, 2006). Quality management in healthcare has evolved over the year to address increased demands from consumers related to the quality of care and services, as well as to address problems in patients’ outcomes (McLaughlin, & Kaluzny, 2006). Stephanie Webb Management will assess quality management in long-term care facilities (LTC).This assessment will address the definition of quality care, and describe key concepts
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Some long-term goals quality improvement goals are to improve clinical quality, improve patient and family satisfaction, and improve overall patient outcomes and quality of life (Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes, 2011). Several internal and external factors can affect the LTC facility’s ability to reach quality improvement goals. Some internal factors are staffing levels and staff characteristics (Institute of Medicine, 2001). Some other internal factors that can affect quality improvement goals are environmental conditions, management, and organizational capacity. If a facility does not have the numbers, skill, training, and positive management, no matter what policy and procedures that is put in place positive outcomes cannot be reached (Institute of Medicine, 2001). Some external factors that could affect the reaching of quality management goals are resources for providers. Substantial improvements in LTC quality are not positive without increased resources (Institute of Medicine, 2001). Government policies of reimbursing, and research has an effect on the improvement of quality. The amounts and ways we pay for LTC are inadequate to support a workforce sufficient in numbers, skills, and commitment to provide adequate clinical, and personal services to
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