Quality Management Assessment Summary Essay

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Quality Management Assessment Summary HCS/451 - Health Care Quality Management and Outcomes Analysis Monday February 18th, 2013 Darlene Cantu Quality Management Assessment Summary A quality management plan is employed by an organization to define how processes are conducted, organize how procedures that make up processes are done, and evaluate past performance to determine what should be done differently to enhance future performance and outcomes. The process of an evaluation helps to ensure that the highest potential is reached in each set of circumstances. A quality management plan should pursue to oversee how complications are dealt with and to reassess such impediments afterwards to ascertain if alterations or modifications to…show more content…
As the hospital seeks to deliver exceptional patient care, a quality management program must also confirm that laws and regulations are obeyed, liability and losses are controlled, and that revenues progressively grow. In the process of creating this plan, the administration sets short-term goals that will lead to the realization of defined long-term goals. Short-Term Goals 1. Increase and sustain patient care ratings 2. Improve productivity 3. Develop and execute a defined strategy to be in compliance with approaching government regulation and law changes that affect the health care industry Long-Term Goals 1. Earn and preserve a positive reputation with excellence in patient care and safety 2. Lower losses from incurred liability below a defined limit 3. Grow net profit at a sustained pace Fundamental Quality Management Policies To create, launch, and sustain an effective quality management program it is crucial that a ground work of fundamental policies be established and adhered to. Policies direct everyone within the hospital in order to accomplish the organization’s goals and mission. Fundamental Quality Management Policies 1. The safety of patient and employees is always the primary priority and is the responsibility of everyone
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