Quality Management At Florence Nightingale

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Managing Quality
Desiree Lewis
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Managing Quality
Quality improvements have been continuously increasing within the transformation of health care systems. Due to evidence based practice and quality measures, the health care arena has positively and drastically changed. These effects lead to better patient outcomes, performance, and professionalism. Customers of health care services demand for quality outcomes, lower cost, greater access, expanded information, and accountable, efficient, and effective health care. Many strategies have been used to evaluate quality in order to achieve
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These basic standards are used in hospitals today. Various responsibilities for services are based on standards such as the American Nurses Association, Joint Commission, and Social Security Act (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2010). Set policies and procedures are followed so that appropriate quality services are delivered. When problems arise with the quality of health care, these problems are categorized into groups: variations in services, overuse, underuse, misuse, and disparities. Geographical differences, unnecessary interventions, conservative treatment, failed safety, and race or socioeconomic differences are examples of complications with quality products and services (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2010). Underuse of services is relatively considerable for the elderly. The Institute of Medicine reported “substantial underdiagnosis of conditions such as treatable incontinence, curable infections, gait disorders, metabolic disorders, and psychiatric problems, especially depression” (Lohr & Schroeder, 1990). To improve these complications, quality management strategies have been established. Two basic approaches exist to benefit quality: general and specific.

General Approaches An agency must meet specific criteria to quality improvement, which is evaluated by governing or official bodies. In order to protect the public, a level of competency among health care professionals is required. General approaches
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