Quality Management : Dimensions Of Quality And Service

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Section2: Quality management
Dimensions of quality /service
There are five dimensions of all customer care about-
The service provider should know what customers care about internal or external. Service quality is a good estimate. Price and to a minor degree quality also count. But for service providers, customers care more about service quality.
If service provider get these dimensions right, customers will hand over the keys to their loyalty, because they will have received service excellence.
The quality of tangible service aspect define to the look of the physical environment and facilities, equipment, employees and the way of talking. In other words, the tangible aspect is about creating first impressions and provide services . Airlines should need to provide all our customers to get a unique positive and never forgetting primary good impression, this would make them more likely to return in the future. We respect freedom of association and unions are a very important part of our workforces. At least 70% of our employees are covered by 37 collective employment agreements.

We want safety to be a shared value and want to be the safest and healthiest workplace in New Zealand. We also want to exceed the minimum requirements of proposed new health and safety legislation. In May 2015 our Wellington cargo team celebrated 10 years of ‘Destination Zero Harm’, an achievement that reflects the team’s commitment to keeping their colleagues safe. The
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