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Quality Management and Excellence Taquenia Brown MGT/449 5/7/2012 Timothy Peters Quality Management What is quality? Quality can be defined as many different meanings. In business quality is defined as a state of being free from defects and deficiencies brought by consisted adhering to variable standards to achieve output that satisfies the customer (Business dictionary, 2011). Others may define quality as a measurement of standards and excellence any feature that makes something what it is: (your 1996). Regardless of the variations in definitions the main elements remain consistence. Quality is associated with specifications, standards, customers’ expectations, and the level of…show more content…
His contributions to quality was so important that he was written about in many magazines, such as, the Harvard Business Review, Business Week, The Financial Times just to name a few. Juran was well known for the Juran Trilogy, The Pareto Principle, and quality improvement (Goetsch. Davis,2010). The Pareto Principle was used by millions of managers to help separated the “vital few” from the “useful many” which is referred to as the 80-20 rule. This principle is one of the most useful concept used in modern day time. Juran believe the elements of quality was conducting research, consulting activities and training in the area of quality management. The practice of total quality and its elements made pioneer effective because quality could be established in other counties such as Japan to promote friendship between the United States and Japan. He was respected by Japan by having the reputation of establishing “made-in-Japan” products. Juran was the first to assimilated human aspect of quality management, which is known as Total Quality Management (Goetsch & Davis, 2010). Juran is also known for applying what was the economic principle to quality management. He recommend businesses focus on improvement efforts in identifying and eliminating the sources of the problems. In today’s environment the elements of quality are useful because they assist organizations with creating a new foundation and maintain a structure that
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